“D&I System Procedures” Section

For ISO 30415:2021, the task of developing the processes that govern the functioning of a system based on the Deming cycle (Plan, do, check, act) is up to organizations and consultants.

The system processes, governed by the respective procedures, are:

  • PRO-5 D&I Responsibilities
  • PRO-6 D&I Framework
  • PRO-7 Culture of inclusion

The ISO 30415:2021 standard does not provide requirements for implementing a real human resources management system but proposes guidelines to integrate the D&I “actions” listed by the same regulatory content within the organization’s processes.

The human resources management system for D&I is based on three “system” processes thanks to which managers such as top management and the D&I manager exercise oversight over everyone else.

The process helps organizations identify, recognize and attribute responsibility. Its forms allow you to document the official attribution of all responsibilities required by the law.

The process allows organizations to develop the Deming cycle (Plan, do, check, act) within the system since its forms include:

  • The development of a D&I policy with its D&I objectives and planning (plan)
  • The integration of D&I actions within processes (do)
  • Measuring and verifying D&I results in relation to D&I objectives (check)
  • The revision intervention of what was conceived in the D&I rationale (act)

The process aims to create and disseminate, inside and outside the organisation, the D&I cultural reference paradigm that inspires it, through communication, training and involvement actions towards:

  • of the workforce
  • of customers and suppliers
  • of stakeholders who cooperate with the organization’s D&I purpose
  • of the community that belongs to the geographical population in which the organization operates

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