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“Human Resources Procedure Recordings”

The records connected to human resources management processes consist of data collection and processing modules concerning:

  • The D&I phenomena, to be kept under control, which manifest themselves throughout the entire life cycle of the individual human resourc
  • The dimensions that express sizes and proportions inherent to the entire workforce and the active population present in the geographical context of reference

Through the monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation of such data (relating for example to job supply and demand, the number of hirings, the statistical composition of the workforce, etc.), the manager ensures control statistical analysis of these processes and the alignment of the results produced with the D&I objectives for which these processes were conceived.

Records connected to human resources management procedures are a fundamental tool for demonstrating compliance with the ISO 30415:2021 guidelines.

Their structure allows you to insert the specific input data, established by the requirements, and to obtain – thanks to the formulas already prepared – the corresponding output results useful for monitoring such as:

  • The social representativeness index
  • The flexibility index
  • The level of dispersion present in salaries
  • The average level of staff preparation
  • The level of satisfaction of interested parties

All the recordings of the processes relating to the management of human resources, thanks to a real measurement system, present in the documentary kit, constitute the measurement framework.

This is a “data framework” capable of reporting to the human resources manager the physiological/pathological state of operation of the most representative processes of the D&I management system.

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Complete document kit for the implementation of a human resources management system for diversity and inclusion, compliant with ISO 30415:2021.

Tool dedicated to professionals and businesses complete with ready-made content, all editable and customizable.

Obtaining the UNI ISO 30415:2021 certification allows you to start a virtuous path of cultural change by ensuring that you have considered and addressed all the work aspects useful to guarantee the elimination of difficulties due to a lack of company policy of equality and inclusion.