The new  Winple product that allows you to develop and maintain a human resources management system according to the principles of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) compliant with all the requirements of the ISO 30415:2021 standard, easily customizable and modifiable and ready for certification .

The product is suitable both for companies that want to achieve certification internally starting from an already established document base (equal to approximately 85% of the system to be developed) and for consultants who intend to expand their range of services to their customers by proposing the diversity & inclusion human resources certification, always having access to quickly customizable content and benefit from the free technical and regulatory assistance service.

This page contains  demonstration materials  and  downloadable examples  of the package.

The package also includes the D&I 30415 Self-Assessment application which allows you to monitor the implementation and integration status of ISO 30415:2021 “actions” within organizations that adopt the  Diversity & Inclusion Management System.

This specific tool allows consultants and managers to monitor the entire development path of the framework indicated by the Standard. Inside it is possible to control and examine all 177 actions provided for by the ISO 30415:2021 standard.

All the documentation contained within the Winple ISO 30415:2021 Procedures Documentation Kit  is completely editable and customizable , supports organizations that intend to adopt the Human Resources Diversity and Inclusion (D & I) Certification  and allows consultants to immediately have access to solid base of contents already developed for the implementation of a document system  as well as for private organizations to have at their disposal a document structure already set up for an internal certification process.



Human Resource Management System – Diversity & Inclusion

Complete document kit for the implementation of a human resources management system for diversity and inclusion, compliant with ISO 30415:2021.

Tool dedicated to professionals and businesses complete with ready-made content, all editable and customizable.

Obtaining the UNI ISO 30415:2021 certification allows you to start a virtuous path of cultural change by ensuring that you have considered and addressed all the work aspects useful to guarantee the elimination of difficulties due to a lack of company policy of equality and inclusion.