ISO 56002:2021 | Innovation Management Systems

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ISO 56002:2021 TOOLKIT

Complete premium toolkit  for the implementation of innovation management systems in compliance with ISO 56002:2021.

The kit allows you to start from a base of ready-made contents (estimated at 80%) to create innovation management systems compliant with current legislation.

ISO 56002:2021 TOOLKIT  is articulated by a series of tools and forms which, correctly adopted in their completeness and in compliance with the standard, allow the implementation of a structured innovation management system with all the necessary elements.

Fully editable and customizable documents




Demonstration and examples section

Consult the demonstrations, examples and main screens of the ISO 56002:2021 KIT. You will be able to download and consult extracts of the manual sections, management procedures, innovation procedures, check lists and forms.


General list of package contents

The general list of the analytical contents of the package is the best tool for evaluating the ISO 56002:2021 KIT as it allows you to view in detail all the documents included in the package.

The general list is divided into sections:

  • List of all points in the manual (parallel to the standard points)
  • List of individual management procedures
  • List of all innovation procedures
  • List of individual templates
  • Control checklist list
  • Complete list of forms

You can download the general list of contents, which is updated simultaneously with the development and update of the product.

The management system manual  represents the document with which the organization wants, regarding the management of innovation :

  • Describe itself and its strategic goals
  • Illustrate the organization’s and senior management’s approach to innovation
  • Explain how the organization has implemented, maintains and improves the management system
  • Define what results the organization expects from its system

Divided into 10 sections , each dedicated to the single point of the ISO 56002:2021 standard, the manual illustrates the way in which the organization has designed and implemented the innovation management system.

The division into sections, each corresponding to a specific point of the ISO 56002:2021 standard, was made with the aim of encouraging the correlation of the innovation management system with pre-existing management systems which report the manual according to the division into “sections ” and to possibly facilitate the implementation work

The information security management system manual in the single format ”  MAN-Innovation Management Manual  ” must be used, in its entirety, on occasions such as:

  • Participation in tenders
  • The presentation of the innovation system to potential clients
  • The request for funding and/or participation in projects that require its exhibition
  • Internal communication within the organization
  • Training activities relating to the application of the standard
  • Internal or second-party audits (performed by the client)

Those who have the greatest interest in innovation management, i.e.  ownersbusiness partners , parent companies, customers and suppliers, joint venture partners, PA client offices, are  the natural recipients of the innovation management system manual.

These are the main people interested in knowing and verifying whether the way in which the organization manages innovation is understood and proposed to the market as a tool at the service of competitiveness and improvement in order to manage its own business more efficiently and effectively. Work.

With the manual, the organization describes to the staff how the entire system must function and also documents, to the ISO certification bodies, how it implements and fulfills all the requirements of ISO 56002:2021  for the purpose of obtaining and maintaining the relevant certification.

In the manual the contents favor summary information . Each point, however, refers further details to other documents such as procedures and forms of the same system.

With the intention of providing customers and interested parties with a clear and easily understandable manual,  even by people who are not experts in the field of innovation , the Word document has a schematic graphic layout , colored and sometimes accessorised with  tables and graphics  that synoptically illustrate the contents.

The management procedures of the innovation management system

Management procedures deal with the  management and operational processes that characterize the organisation’s typical activity.

In the field of application of this management system, in addition to including the traditional processes common to all management systems which concern personnel, resources, analysis and monitoring, audits and reviews and which are reported in the corresponding procedures:

  • Context monitoring
  • Staff organisation
  • Leadership and strategy
  • Planning
  • Resource management
  • People and skills
  • Communication
  • Documented information
  • Operational planning and controls
  • Monitoring, measurement and analysis
  • Outsourcing
  • Internal Audits
  • Management review
  • Non-compliance and corrective actions
  • Continuous improvement

Also included are the processes that characterize the ISO 56002:2021 innovation management system with the related procedures and which concern:

  • Acquisition of knowledge
  • Funding for innovation
  • Innovation tools and methods
  • Strategic intelligence management
  • Intellectual property management

Within  the same procedures, the related forms are also mentioned , which are totally modifiable, and can be combined with forms or files  already in the possession of those who implement or implement or must maintain an ISO 56002:2021 management system.


Innovation Procedures
Engineering the production of value

The 56002 procedure kit has an organizational system entirely dedicated to the practical development of innovation initiatives . The innovation management system, in fact, engineers the “production” activity of innovative value through five processes governed by the respective innovation procedures which are:

  • Identification of opportunities
  • Creation of concepts
  • Validation of concepts
  • Solutions development
  • Implementation of solutions


The elements of the template section of the ISO 56002:2021 Procedure Kit for innovation management have as their source the PROC-760 management procedure Tools and methods for innovation and as output the decisions that arise from the application in the organization’s decision-making processes by the following methodologies:

  • Backcasting
  • Ethnographic research
  • Scenario analysis
  • Brainstorming
  • Inclusive design

These are almost always decisions which, although formalized by a single person, arise from a collegial activity in which each person participating in the process makes their own contribution to identifying the best solutions to adopt to solve a problem or the best paths to follow to achieve a goal.

Each template is carefully designed in both the figurative and descriptive parts, for immediate applicability.


The Winple document kit forms relating to the innovation management system ensure the  recording of the documented information required by the ISO 56002:2021 standard .

The activities envisaged by the procedures are thus recorded in such a way as to:

  • Provide objective evidence  of the actual completion of a planned activity
  • Provide proof of compliance  with the provisions of the procedures and other “prescriptive” documents

The forms, referred to within the procedures, have been developed for all the processes managed by both the management and innovation procedures and concerns:

  • Context monitoring
  • Leadership and strategy
  • Staff organisation
  • Planning
  • Resource Management
  • The acquisition of knowledge
  • Funding for innovation
  • People and skills
  • The comunication
  • Documented information
  • The tools and methods of innovation
  • Strategic intelligence management
  • Intellectual property management
  • Operational planning and control
  • Outsourcing
  • Monitoring, measurement and analysis
  • Internal Audits
  • The management review
  • Non-conformities, deviations and corrective actions
  • Continuous improvement
  • Identification of opportunities
  • The Creation of concepts
  • Validation of concepts
  • The development of solutions
  • The implementation of solutions

The forms of the ISO 56002 Procedures document kit  have been carefully treated from an aesthetic point of view so that the layout is easily understandable and usable by the people employed by the organization or its interested parties.

The forms were prepared by the Winple editorial team with the possibility of easy insertion of text and sending to the printing process . The contents have already been structured so that users of the document kit can simply model them to the actual functioning of the organization that implements the management system.


Main product screenshots


Check List

The 56002 checklist is entirely dedicated to the  requirements of the standard for innovation management.

It, explained for the individual points of the standard itself, allows the  collection of information  relating to the  conformity  of the management system and the immediate recording of any non-conformities that may be found to be subsequently transferred to the appropriate forms for use at that moment.

The  usefulness of the checklist  is mainly found on the occasion of:

  • Preliminary analysis  of the organization’s innovation management
  • The  development of the management system and to promptly verify the application of each requirement
  • Of the internal audit  aimed at ascertaining the conformity of the system applied to the 56002:2021 standard