ISO 45001:2023 | Management Systems for Health and Safety at Work

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ISO 45001:2023 TOOLKIT

Kit ISO 45001:2023 | Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems .

The new document kit for the development of management systems compliant with the latest edition of the ISO 45001:2023 standard .

Complete kit based on  simplicity  and  usability  by  consultants  and  business managers with:

  • SSL visual system: Navigation module  for checking the implementation status of processes and system documentation
  • SSL Threat Dashboard for automated SSL threat management




Demonstration and examples section

This section contains all the demonstrative material and examples of the ISO 45001:2023 Procedures document kit useful for the implementation of an occupational health and safety management system ready for certification.

The documentation included in the package is completely editable and customizable for those who intend to adopt a new system or need to maintain an existing management system .

The documentation offered by the Procedure Documentation Kit 45001:2023  allows consultants to start from a solid base of contents already preset in the work to be carried out in the implementation of the document system and divided into individual sections related to each other and drawn up in accordance with the points of the relevant reference standard.


General list of package contents

All elements of the ISO 45001:2023 management system were first divided into groups and subsequently sorted in the general list of contents .

These constituent elements of the system represent all the documents that allow you to certify:

  • The existence of the management system and its processes
  • The compliant implementation of the system with ISO 45001:2023 and mandatory legislation on health and safety in the workplace .

Section “Management System Manual”

The system manual is structured in 10 sessions , corresponding to the points of ISO 45001:2023 .

It describes, in a simple and fluent way, how the organization implements the OSH management system in accordance with the requirements.

The manual represents a useful guide for the employer , for the group of managers involved in the system and for the workers.

The explanations are made in an orderly and comprehensible manner so that the Manual constitutes the central point of reference of the management system , from which the further components branch out such as: procedures , instructions , forms , risk assessment documents and all operational tools.

ISO 45001 Procedures

The procedures are developed in such a way as to cover all the processes and all the requirements foreseen by ISO 45001:2023 .

They allow managers and consultants to also keep under control the aspects related to mandatory safety legislation.

The procedures are reported through clear documents that specify:

  • The purpose
  • Legislative references
  • The terminology
  • The activities to be carried out
  • The related responsibilities
  • The recordings

ISO 45001 Forms

The system forms are the set of all records that provide objective evidence that the organization implements:

  • The ISO 45001:2023 standard, in accordance with the requirements
  • The system procedures, in accordance with ISO 45001:2023
  • The activities to be carried out, according to the system procedures and determined criteria

The forms ensure the coherence of the contents of the flow:

The modules of KIT 45001:2023, as well as the other system elements such as procedures, instructions and attachments, are all already filled in with the necessary data and information.

ISO 45001 Management System Operating Instructions

The OHS management system , through procedures, regulates processes that cross-cut all the organisation’s activities.

However, both the mandatory requirements of Legislative Decree 81/08 and the requirements of the ISO 45001:2023 standard require the use of more specific tools , such as the Instructions .

They are aimed at activities to be carried out on a collective level but above all on an individual level and concern specific behaviors to be adopted , in quite specific situations as can be deduced from the following Instructions present in the SSL system:

  • ISTR-01 – Fire
  • ISTR-02 – Illness injury
  • ISTR-03 – Catastrophic event
  • ISTR-04 – PPE-DPC management (personal and collective protective equipment)

ISO 45001 Visual System section

Application that allows you to access the visual representation of the system.

The user approaches the system’s document preparation work through a visual experience . The SSL visual system file , just like a website, allows navigation between the points of the ISO standard in which there are precise connected sections:

  • To system procedures
  • To the recordings
  • To documents related to current legislation on safety (Legislative Decree 81/08 and subsequent amendments)

ISO 45001 Dash Board Hazards section

The SSL Hazards Dashboard is an advanced tool created in Excel for the statistical analysis of hazards rendered in graphic form. It is extremely effective in prevention.

It intends to consolidate a visual approach to the analysis of data concerning:

  • The systematic detection and attribution of OSH hazards
  • The time it takes the organization to address them
  • The time it takes the organization to eliminate them

ISO 45001 Examples from the Attachments section

The Annexes to the Management System provide detailed information that allows you to ascertain the compliance , in terms of compliance , of the “ISO standard, procedures and mandatory obligations” report.

The naming of the  annexes  allows us to understand the nature of their content in this sense, such as the  risk assessment criteria , the  subjective and objective work-related stress assessment , the OSH information  for  pregnant women , the staff list in the production units, indications for the use of video terminalsobligations and sanctions , the  company catalog of PPE  with the related delivery report.

ISO 45001 | Emergency and Evacuation Plan

The Emergency and Evacuation Plan , present in the ISO 45001:2023 PROCEDURE KIT , is the one prescribed by Legislative Decree no. 81/08.

Developed to meet the requirements related to OSH emergency response

  • It is accompanied by instructions for workers (Fire, injury or illness, catastrophic event)


With the new ISO 45001:2023 standard, which replaced the previous ISO 45001:2018, Winple has introduced a series of important innovations, including attention to compliance monitoring during system development.

To ensure compliance with the new standard, it is important to have adequate tools. Among these, an essential element is the compliance check list .

The check list with which the ISO 45001:2023 Procedure KIT is equipped is a complete and updated tool, which allows consultants and auditors to verify timely compliance with each requirement present in the points of the standard.