ISO 30415:2021 | Human Resource Management Systems – Diversity & Inclusion

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ISO 30415:2021 TOOLKIT

Complete document kit for the implementation of a document management system for diversity & inclusion compliant with the UNI/ISO 30415:2021 standard

Toolkit dedicated to professionals and businesses complete with ready-made content, all editable and customizable.

Obtaining the ISO 30415:2021 certification allows you to start a virtuous path of cultural change by ensuring that you have considered and addressed all the work aspects useful to guarantee the elimination of difficulties due to a lack of corporate diversity and inclusion policy.

Fully editable and customizable documents



Demonstration and examples section

Consult all the examples and main screens of the document kit: Manual, D&I System Procedures, D&I Human Resources Procedures, D&I Business Procedures, D&I System Procedure Recordings, D&I Human Resources Procedure Recordings, D&I Business Procedure Recordings, Main screens of the product, complete browsable and downloadable brochure.


General list of package contents

This section contains the general list of contents of the ISO 30415:2021 Implementation Tool Kit

Section “Management System Manual”

The D&I Manual 30415 explains how the D&I management system built on the basis of the guidelines of the Standard is made and how it works.

For the organization’s managers and consultants, the manual contains all the information necessary to prepare and implement the requirements of 30415.

It provides an overview of all processes and allows you to understand:

How to structure them through the “actions” indicated by the respective points of the Standard

How to document them through records that allow monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation

“D&I System Procedures” Section

For ISO 30415:2021, the task of developing the processes that govern the functioning of a system based on the Deming cycle (Plan, do, check, act) is up to organizations and consultants.

The system processes, governed by the respective procedures, are:

  • PRO-5 D&I Responsibilities
  • PRO-6 D&I Framework
  • PRO-7 Culture of inclusion

“Human Resources Procedures” Section

The procedures that govern the human resources management processes, in the D&I system, are developed to achieve the D&I objectives.

These procedures integrate the actions envisaged in point 8 of 30415 considering the D&I needs expressed by the workforce and the D&I risks and opportunities identified within the D&I Framework.


“Business D&I Procedures” Section

The D&I management system, as conceived by the ISO 30415 framework, pays particular attention to the business procedures that integrate the D&I actions and objectives formulated during the system planning phase. These procedures are:

  • Procedure 09: Supply of goods and services
  • Procedure 10: Procurement
  • Procedure 11: Stakeholder Management

“D&I System Procedure Recordings”

The records relating to the Responsibility, D&I Framework and Culture of Inclusion system processes represent the basic system of data and information that allow the functioning of all the other processes.

Records regarding D&I responsibilities ensure the official assumption of D&I commitments by senior management, the D&I manager, the human resources manager and those responsible for other processes, down to the individual responsibilities of each.


Section “Human Resources Procedure Recordings”

The records connected to human resources management processes consist of data collection and processing modules concerning:

The D&I phenomena, to be kept under control, which manifest themselves throughout the entire life cycle of the individual human resource
The dimensions that express sizes and proportions inherent to the entire workforce and the active population present in the geographical context of reference


“Business D&I Procedure Recordings” Section

The records connected to the organization’s business processes detect the correct fulfillment of the provisions of the respective procedures and allow the analysis, measurement and control of a series of indicators/variables relating to the impacts on customers, suppliers, stakeholders and the community.


“ISO 30415 Check List” Section

The D&I 30415 checklist is the main documentary tool, available to the D&I manager, to prove the results of the self-assessment by the organization during the verification by the certification body.

The D&I 30415 checklist has a dual use:

  • Support managers and consultants in the orderly development of the D&I management system and its documents
  • Establish a point of reference to document and highlight the obligations connected to each point of the ISO 30415:2021 standard