The innovation management system manual

ISO 56002:2021 standard

The management system manual  represents the document with which the organization wants, regarding the management of innovation :

  • Describe itself and its strategic goals
  • Illustrate the organization’s and senior management’s approach to innovation
  • Explain how the organization has implemented, maintains and improves the management system
  • Define what results the organization expects from its system

Divided into 10 sections , each dedicated to the single point of the ISO 56002:2021 standard, the manual illustrates the way in which the organization has designed and implemented the innovation management system.

The division into sections, each corresponding to a specific point of the ISO 56002:2021 standard, was made with the aim of encouraging the correlation of the innovation management system with pre-existing management systems which report the manual according to the division into “sections ” and to possibly facilitate the implementation work

The information security management system manual in the single format ”  MAN-Innovation Management Manual  ” must be used, in its entirety, on occasions such as:

  • Participation in tenders
  • The presentation of the innovation system to potential clients
  • The request for funding and/or participation in projects that require its exhibition
  • Internal communication within the organization
  • Training activities relating to the application of the standard
  • Internal or second-party audits (performed by the client)

Those who have the greatest interest in innovation management, i.e.  ownersbusiness partners , parent companies, customers and suppliers, joint venture partners, PA client offices, are  the natural recipients of the innovation management system manual.

These are the main people interested in knowing and verifying whether the way in which the organization manages innovation is understood and proposed to the market as a tool at the service of competitiveness and improvement in order to manage its own business more efficiently and effectively. Work.

With the manual, the organization describes to the staff how the entire system must function and also documents, to the ISO certification bodies, how it implements and fulfills all the requirements of ISO 56002:2021  for the purposes of obtaining and maintaining the relevant certification.

In the manual the contents favor summary information . Each point, however, refers further details to other documents such as procedures and forms of the same system.

With the intention of providing customers and interested parties with a clear and easily understandable manual,  even by people who are not experts in the field of innovation , the Word document has a schematic graphic layout , colored and sometimes accessorised with  tables and graphics  that synoptically illustrate the contents.


Complete package of  toolsmanagement and innovation procedures, check lists and forms that are completely editable and customizable that allow you to implement an ISO 56002:2021  innovation management system  starting from a base of ready-made contents (estimated at 85%).