WinplePro is a research and development company that operates in the Management sector. It offers companies,  professionals and the Public Administration management systems and organizational models envisaged by the international ISO standards and by national and international regulations.

The people who work at WinplePro are professionals who:

  • They have proven experience and relevant certification in the evaluation of management systems
  • They systematically provide for professional development
  • They continually improve the “products” made available in the portfolio
  • They offer free technical and regulatory assistance

Winple’s work teams respond to a functional organization that divides the company into four fundamental offices which are:

  • Marketing Office (which monitors the market and exercises management functions)
  • Production Office (which creates the technical solutions conceived by Marketing and the related products)
  • Quality Office (dedicated to the continuous improvement of marketing and production activities)
  • Administration Office (which takes care of administrative activities and relations with customers and suppliers)

The companies operating in the business group are:

The company (which is the main one and controls the majority of companies) operates mainly in the field of creation and development of document kits useful for the implementation of management systems on Italian territory.

The placing on the market of new products is preceded by official communications via newsletter to its customers and to those who have expressed their interest by registering for free in order to be informed about the evolution of the management systems in parallel with regulatory updates.

In addition to the activities indicated above, a technical/regulatory service is added with free assistance and responses within 3 or 6 hours from the specific request being made on the dedicated page of the site. is winple’s multimedia training platform for educational training courses which can be accessed by both customers and individuals who express their interest and want to register for free on the site.

The company continuously provides online training courses including the main ones

  • Health and safety at work ( ISO 45001:2018 )
  • Legislative Decree 231/01 (Administrative liability of entities)
  • Quality ( ISO 9001:2015 )
  • Environment ( ISO 14001:2015 )
  • Information security ( ISO 27001:2017 )
  • Prevention of corruption ( ISO 37001:2016 )
  • Privacy (R.E. 2016/679)
  • Innovation Management ( ISO 56002:2021 )
  • Ethical statement and supporting information ( ISO 17033:2020 )
  • Innovation Management ( ISO 56002:2021 )
  • Testing and calibration laboratories ( ISO/IEC 17025:2018 )
  • Business continuity management ( ISO 22301:2019 )
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (SA8000)

Designed and implemented in their entirety by internal staff expert in specific regulatory knowledge, the courses are divided into lessons in which the teaching material extracted from the respective documentary kits is shown in order to extend the field of training from the theoretical to the practical side in the phases of implementation and maintenance of management systems.

At the end of the training courses, in order to obtain and recognize the skills acquired, a final test is proposed to verify learning with questions with multiple answers on the topics covered with the assignment of a passing score and the issuing of specific learning verification certificates, officially recognized at national level.

For management systems that concern international standards, the WINPLEPRO company (controlled by Winple) creates document kits for multilingual management systems .

The WINPLEPRO development team is also active in European and non-European technical and regulatory assistance .

The IT platform underlying this training center is the real-time multilingual translator which allows site users to receive answers in their language and therefore eliminate language-related problems, both on the user and administrator side.

With regards to management systems, WINPLEPRO has activated a specific online teaching platform for document kits in foreign languages ​​and the recognition of the validity of learning verification certificates in most European countries.