“Section Check List ISO 30415”

The D&I 30415 checklist is the main documentary tool, available to the D&I manager, to prove the results of the self-assessment by the organization during the verification by the certification body.

D&I business process records document and highlight the flow of the Deming PDCA cycle (Plan, do check act). In fact, the modules are structured to process the quantitative data collected from the business processes, of which the D&I manager presides: Monitoring, Measurement, Analysis and Evaluation.

The D&I 30415 checklist has a dual use:

  1. Support managers and consultants in the orderly development of the D&I management system and its documents
  2. Establish a point of reference to document and highlight the obligations connected to each point of the ISO 30415:2021 standard

It consists of a regulatory section which reports:

  • The reference of the ISO 30415:2021 standard

  • The action envisaged by the Standard, to be integrated into the organisation’s processes

The development and verification part, however, documents:

  • The D&I objective to which the action is related

  • The process that integrates action to pursue the D&I objective

  • Records demonstrating the implementation of the action

The manager who oversees the process and ensures the implementation of the action

The filters, placed on each column, allow you to consult the database in relation to the specified search criteria.

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Complete document kit for the implementation of a human resources management system for diversity and inclusion, compliant with ISO 30415:2021.

Tool dedicated to professionals and businesses complete with ready-made content, all editable and customizable.

Obtaining the UNI ISO 30415:2021 certification allows you to start a virtuous path of cultural change by ensuring that you have considered and addressed all the work aspects useful to guarantee the elimination of difficulties due to a lack of company policy of equality and inclusion.