“Section “D&I Business Procedure Recordings”

The records connected to the organization’s business processes detect the correct fulfillment of the provisions of the respective procedures and allow the analysis, measurement and control of a series of indicators/variables relating to the impacts on customers, suppliers, stakeholders and the community.

D&I business process records document and highlight the flow of the Deming PDCA cycle (Plan, do check act). In fact, the modules are structured to process the quantitative data collected from the business processes, of which the D&I manager presides: Monitoring, Measurement, Analysis and Evaluation.


The data flows processed by the D&I business process registration forms fundamentally concern:

  • The statistical distribution of customers and suppliers, in relation to diversity factors (gender, ethnicity, age, religious sensitivity)
  • D&I compliance indices of supplies
  • D&I services of registered suppliers
  • Indicators connected to the degree of stakeholder involvement

Among the records belonging to the stakeholder management process, governed by the PRO-11 “Stakeholder Management” procedure, there is also the MOD-11A “Stakeholder Matrix” form which allows the marketing manager to identify and classify these external parties in relation to with two variables:

  • The public relevance of the stakeholder
  • The level of influence exerted

Important notes regarding the Stekaholders matrix:

The accurate classification of stakeholders is necessary as the activities that involve them are very often quite expensive for the organization’s budget.

The cost items for promotion, communication and involvement activities may concern the organization of conferences, the invitation of speakers, staff travel, costs of food and accommodation for guests, creation of advertising materials, communication activities through the press, websites, email campaigns, up to the expense of buffets for any meeting opportunities.

To invest resources in engagement activities, the organization, in spite of itself, is forced to direct these flows of resources towards stakeholders who, in relation to their public relevance and their level of social influence, are more functional to the connected D&I opportunities, i.e. :

  • Better reputation and brand image
  • Positive social impact

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