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“Business D&I Procedures” Section

The D&I management system, as conceived by the ISO 30415 framework, pays particular attention to the business procedures that integrate the D&I actions and objectives formulated during the system planning phase. These procedures are:

  • Procedure 09: Supply of goods and services
  • Procedure 10: Procurement
  • Procedure 11: Stakeholder Management

The ISO 30415:2021 standard, relating to the business processes present in the organization, considers three fundamental processes in which, unlike other system and human resources management processes, the organization’s efforts are aimed at “D&I management” with external subjects who are customers, suppliers and stakeholders with the rest of the community.

The purpose of the process of supplying goods and services is twofold:

  • Satisfying the consumption and use needs (of the good or service) of the market which has a purpose connected to the organisation’s business, i.e. selling to generate revenue.
  • Satisfy, at the same time, the consumption and use needs (of the good or service) connected to the particular characteristics of the customer

The purpose of this process aims at the D&I objective of satisfaction of interested parties (suppliers and workforce) and the D&I objective of representativeness in considering, managing and evaluating suppliers representative of the differences present, demographic differences that are related to gender, to ethnicity, age and religious/spiritual sensitivity.

The purpose of the procedure, essentially, is to build a solid D&I reputation of the organization that addresses its social responsibility by avoiding an isolated path but by undertaking a path that involves particular external subjects who, in various capacities, represent and support the same ” social cause connected to the recognition of differences and inclusion.

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