SA 8000:2014 (SA stands for Social Accountability) is an international certification standard drawn up by the CEPAA (Council of Economical Priorities Accreditation Agency) which certifies some corporate aspects relating to corporate social and ethical responsibility , such as:

  • Respect for human rights
  • Respect for labor law
  • Protection against child exploitation
  • Guarantees of safety and healthiness in the workplace

SA 8000 is a voluntarily adopted standard in the sense that the top management of organizations decide to subject their work processes to compliance with the principles of social and ethical responsibility both in order to improve working conditions for internal staff and to demonstrate to any parties external stakeholders its social commitment . Third-party – i.e. independent – certification bodies can, if requested, carry out a preliminary audit aimed at issuing a real certification on companies that decide to adopt this management system .

The general list of contents of the new SA 8000:2014 Procedures package contains details of all the documents in the different sections of the package.

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System Manual, Management system operating procedures, Registration forms, Attachments, SA 8000 Policy, Model for verifying compliance with SA8000:2014 criteria (Corporate Compliance) and Social Report useful for consultants, companies and public administrations to develop management systems for corporate social and ethical responsibility.

The kit allows you to start from a base of ready-made contents (estimated at 85%) to create management systems for corporate social responsibility that comply with current legislation.