This section contains all the demonstration material and downloadable examples of the SA8000 Documentation Procedures Kit useful for the implementation and maintenance of a management system for social responsibility fully compliant with all the requirements and criteria of the latest update of the SA 8000 Standard: 2014

The documentation included in the product is completely editable and customizable and is a support for those who intend to adopt the SA8000:2014 standard or need to keep an existing quality management system updated .

The documentation offered by SA8000:2014 Procedures allows consultants to start from a solid base of pre-set contents for the implementation of a document system and is divided into individual sections related to each other and drawn up in accordance with the points of the standard.


System Manual, Management system operating procedures, Registration forms, Attachments, SA 8000 Policy, Model for verifying compliance with SA8000:2014 criteria (Corporate Compliance) and Social Report useful for consultants, companies and public administrations to develop management systems for corporate social and ethical responsibility.

The kit allows you to start from a base of ready-made contents (estimated at 85%) to create management systems for corporate social responsibility that comply with current legislation.