Demonstrative material and examples of the document kit ISO 27001:2024 procedures for the implementation and certification of the information security management system.

The documentation offered by the Procedure Documentation Kit 27001:2024 allows consultants and managers to start from a solid base of pre-set technical contents:

  • System technical contents (in business procedures)
  • Cybersecurity technical contents (in security procedures)

The kit includes a system fully implemented through editable and customizable documents.

Consultants and managers, guided by the Manual and the ordered sequence of files, can implement the entire system with an estimated time saving of approximately 80%.

  • All points of the ISO 27001:2024 standard are managed, through procedures, in total compliance
  • All the safety controls required by ANNEX A of the Standard are integrated into the system.

The documentation consists of a Manual, Management Procedures, Safety Procedures, Forms, Attachments, Check Lists and Management Applications. The latter, created in Excel, allow monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation activities to be carried out completely automatically, freeing operators from processing and calculation activities.

The work of implementing the system is illustrated by the Manual and is divided into neat sections to guide the managers or consultants who work there.

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Complete package of manual, management procedures, safety procedures, forms, management applications, checklists and attachments.

All ready-made and fully editable and customizable content. System with integrated management of information security controls provided for in Annex A of ISO 27001 in its new 2024 version. Declaration of applicability and Information security plan.