Management Applications – ISO 27001:2024

Management applications also belong to the category of system recordings.
In the ISO 27001:2024 procedure KIT they represent the tools with which to carry out activities of:
  • Monitoring
  • Measurement
  • Analyses
  • Assessment

They are simple applications built in Excel that simplify data collection and processing. They are very useful because they automatically process the data collected and processed, replacing the use of paper forms, which are not suitable for processing activities.

The management applications in Excel, made available in the management system kit, allow you to “automate” data analysis:

  • The user enters the “inputs”
  • The application returns “output” results relating to information security levels.

Each Excel application is equipped with illustrated explanations relating to the operation and the criteria used for the automated assessments relating to:

  • To safety objectives
  • To safety indices
  • To the deviations detected

Attention: Thanks to management applications, all processes are subjected to statistical control which, unlike personal evaluations (sometimes arbitrary), documents in a  “quantitative ” form the actual  effectiveness of the  information security management system .

Thanks to the graphic dashboards of the management applications, the user of the document kit can have a clear picture of the general performance  of the system and the  safety performance  of the various sectors  of the organization .

The new version of the ISO 27001 Procedures kit includes a powerful accessory tool for consultants and managers, the CYBERSECURITY SCORE .
Cybersecurity Score ISO 27001:2024 by Winple is an application created in Excel for the automatic detection and evaluation of the information security of organizations.
It allows you to
  • Detect and evaluate the state of information security in the organization (INPUT)
  • Release a detailed technical security status report to the organization (OUTPUT)
  • Print the technical report in .PDF that the application automatically generates

Monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation of Management Applications

Winple’s ISO 27001 system management applications automatically process data relating to:

  • Control of roles recognized by the system
  • Control of responsibilities attributed to staff
  • Control of asset security levels
  • Checking the effectiveness of the training performed
  • Quality control of the training received
  • Monitoring of training performed
  • Monitoring of internal and external communication
  • Supplier monitoring
  • Identification and traceability of the product/service
  • Monitoring of non-compliant products/services
  • Safety performance monitoring
  • Control of audits and non-compliances



Complete package of manual, management procedures, safety procedures, forms, management applications, checklists and attachments.

All ready-made and fully editable and customizable content. System with integrated management of information security controls provided for in Annex A of ISO 27001 in its new 2024 version. Declaration of applicability and Information security plan.