ISO 37001:2016 | Bribery Prevention | Management Systems

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ISO 37001:2016 TOOLKIT

Documentary kit complete with tools and forms for the implementation and maintenance of a management system for the prevention of corruption according to the ISO 37001:2016 standard.

It includes Manual , System Procedures , Management Procedures , System Forms , Risk Mapping Forms , Compliance Check List and Control Check List in Word and Excel format, editable and customizable.




Demonstration and examples section

Consult all the examples and main screens of the document kit: Manual, System Procedures, Management Procedures, System Forms, Risk Mapping Forms, Compliance Check List and Control Check List in Word and Excel format, fully editable and customizable.


General list of package contents

Prevention of corruption 37001:2016 PRO is the new Winple document kit that allows you to develop and maintain the management system for the prevention of corruption, compliant with all the requirements of the ISO 37001:2016 standard.

This section contains demonstration materials and downloadable examples of the package.

The management system kit includes:

  • The  Manual that documents how the organization has implemented the individual points of the Standard
  • The  System Procedures regarding the entire functioning of the management system and the implementation of corruption prevention controls
  • The management procedures that govern the functioning of business processes , integrating controls for the prevention of corruption
  • The forms in Word format to record information relating to the compliance of operations and in Excel format for the processing of data relating to risk values ​​or the performance of system indices
  • Attachments in Excel format for identifying corruption dangers in activities and measuring the level of risk in business processes
  • The corruption prevention check list for verifying compliance with the Standard and the prevention controls checklist for the implementation of corruption prevention controls

Section “Management System Manual”

The manual constitutes the main documentary reference of the management system for the prevention of corruption which:

  • Identifies the organization and describes the business activities performed
  • It explains the criteria for the development of the management system and the methods of its operation
  • Demonstrates how the entire management system complies with the requirements of ISO 37001:2016
  • Guides the organization’s staff in the correct and effective use of procedures

The manual was conceived above all as a practical training tool : it is illustrated and is very effective in raising staff awareness in the training activities to be carried out.

It explains the application aspects of corruption prevention , foreseen by the requirements of the ISO 37001:2016 standard, and illustrates a clear legislative framework , in which the reader can easily orient himself and is able to deal with “system management” in an informed manner, without doubts and uncertainties.

ISO 37001:2016 – System Procedures

The management system procedures for the prevention of corruption have been designed for each point of the standard . To ensure full compliance with each requirement of ISO 37001:2016 , the activities envisaged by these “system” procedures correspond precisely to each requirement of the standard.

This correspondence (standard requirement – procedure activity) allows an easy verification of the system’s compliance:

  • In the implementation phase of the system, by those who carry out their work activities in compliance with the activities described in the procedures
  • In the audit phase, the auditor must verify compliance with the corresponding regulatory requirements in these activities performed

The system procedures that govern the entire functioning of the corruption prevention management system concern a specific set of processes.

List of system procedures for the prevention of corruption:

  • Context
  • Corruption risk assessment
  • Leadership
  • Planning
  • Support
  • Selection
  • Training
  • Communication
  • Documented information
  • Operating activities
  • Performance evaluation
  • Monitoring
  • Internal audit
  • Management review
  • Non-conformity and improvement

Other system procedures govern the implementation of corruption prevention controls and the pathological aspects of their operation.

List of System Procedures for the implementation of prevention controls:

  • Business associate due diligence
  • Due diligence on operations
  • Financial controls
  • Non-financial controls
  • Controlled subjects
  • Prevention commitments
  • Gifts and benefits
  • Inadequate management of controls
  • Reporting of suspicions
  • Corruption investigations and management
  • Disciplinary and sanctioning measures

ISO 37001 – Management Procedures

The management procedures regulate the functioning of the organization’s business processes , integrating controls for the prevention of corruption , unlike the system procedures dedicated to the implementation of the Standard.

Thanks to management procedures, corruption prevention controls are applied to all business activities that the organization conducts, i.e. those carried out on a daily basis by its staff.

Only in this way, all the dangers of corruption that are actually present are brought back to an acceptable risk.

In fact, the business processes are first “mapped” to identify the dangers of corruption present and evaluate the risk, thanks to the Excel tools provided by the kit. Subsequently, these business processes are regulated with management procedures that already integrate prevention controls provided for by point 8 of the Standard.

List of management procedures that govern business process activities:

  • Commercial
  • Supplying
  • Design
  • Production
  • Release
  • After-sales assistance
  • Administration
  • Personnel Management


All modules of the corruption prevention management system are designed to record, track, trace and perceive the activities performed as “connected” .


The data and information recorded in the forms allow us to verify and give objective evidence that what is foreseen (and imposed) by the procedures is in fact reflected in reality.


The system forms are designed in Word format , when the information reported is useful for reconstructing the conformity of the recorded operations. These records are fundamental for the purposes of showing “evidentiary” documentation in the event of a judgement .


Part of the forms are conceived, however, in Excel format when they relate to the collection and processing of data relating to risk values ​​(processes, business partners, operations) or relating to the performance of the system (conformity indices, suitability , adequacy and effectiveness ).


The documents in Excel format attached to the system allow you to define some fundamental aspects of the management system for the prevention of corruption in greater detail than the forms.

  • The exact mapping of business processes in each individual activity
  • The identification of corruption dangers present in each of the activities detected
  • The measurement of the level of risk present in each business process

Other attachments in Word format, however, delve into specific aspects connected to the ” management of the corruption phenomenon ” identified as:

  • The updated review of corruption crimes provided for by the Criminal Code and international legislation
  • The sanctioning system conceived by the system to prosecute, within the terms established by the applied CCNL , violations of the system