D&I prerequisites
Integration of D&I prerequisites within the Policy

The D&I framework
Components of the system management system

Deming cycle
Business process structure of the D&I management system

D&I responsibility
Identification of people to whom leadership and processes can be entrusted

D&I framework
Internal organizational reference to comply with

Culture of inclusion
D&I security aspects related to risks and lack of controls

Workforce planning
Analysis of demographic data of the population in which we operate

Hiring process
Risks of discrimination, flexibility to diversity

Performance management
Individual evaluation, business performance and D&I

Supply of goods and services
Consumption needs connected to the customer’s peculiarities

People satisfaction assessment and process review

Stakeholder management
Identification, classification and engagement strategies

Questionnaire on relevant aspects of personal and working life

D&I questionnaire
Evaluation of the organization and notes from the community

D&I investigations
For incidents or reports of incidents infringing rights

Workforce composition
Indicator requirements with reference to band placement

Analysis of roles and salaries
Salary analysis for internal roles and the external world

General performance picture
Evaluation of entire staff on business and D&I performance