WINPLEPRO ‘s work teams respond to a functional organization that divides the company into the four fundamental offices which are:

Marketing Department (which monitors the market and exercises the management function)
Production Office (which creates the technical solutions conceived by Marketing and the related products)
Quality Office (responsible for the continuous improvement of marketing and production activities)
Administration Office (which handles administrative activities and relations with customers and suppliers)

WINPLEPRO creates document kits for multilingual management systems, concerning international ISO standards.

The WINPLEPRO development team is also active in European and Extra-European technical and regulatory assistance.

With regard to management systems, WINPLEPRO has activated a specific online teaching platform for document kits in foreign languages ​​and the recognition of the validity of learning verification certificates in most European countries.

WINPLEPRO is a research and development company that operates in the field of Management.

WINPLEPRO offers companies, professionals and the Public Administration management systems and organizational models provided for by the ISO international standards and by national and international regulations.

The people who work at Winple are professionals who:

They have proven experience and related certification in the evaluation of management systems
They systematically provide professional updating
They continuously improve the “products” made available in the portfolio
They offer free technical and regulatory assistance